Sailing at 50 knots has long been a dream of almost everyone who messes about in boats. It was mostly the fringe who actually made attempts, however usually being underfunded, were not successful. This first week of October, this barrier was broken not once, but multiple times, albeit by kite boards. Additionally, Hydroptere, a tri-foiler sailed by Alain Thebault, recorded 52.86 knots. For the moment none of these records have yet been ratified by the World Speed Sailing Records Council (WSSRC).

It is very exciting, and one might ask, why now? indeed, why now? Further, the nagging question in each person’s mind is what constitutes a boat? Are we comparing apples and oranges? The goal is speed under sail, not limited by the kind of vessel. If you go to the web site of the WSSRC, you will find a myriad of categories.
In closing, I will add that I am indeed addicted to sail, but in the context of the financial chaos gripping the world, it hardly seems meaningful.