Women is yachting, there are more than one thinks. Virginie Heriot won a gold medal in the Olympics in 1928 in an eight meter.

Another notable image was that of the Fastnet Rock in 1907.


The America’s Cup Jubilee in 2001 organized by the Royal Yacht Squadron was the Woodstock of sailing. Everyone was there and like with Woodstock many cannot admit if they were not there.

It was a moment in time dedicated to celebrating those who came before and made yachting what it is today.


As 2012 is coming to a close, One tends to review the past before starting anew. Over the past few years I have scanned almost 200,000 images. Most of them connect to yachting in some way. There are still some I have not found. Tom Blackaller, as example. It’s there, I just could not put my cursor on it today.

Each photograph evokes memories of a race or a series of anecdotes associated with the circumstances. By and large, one of the thoughts that occurs to me is that these people are associated with their boats. Dick Nye, a prime example is synonymous with “Carina”. Bill Snaith With “Figaro”. Jesse Phillips with “Charisma”. Georgio Falk with “Guia”. Tom Watson with “Palawan”. Edmund Rothschild wit h”Gitana”

Because the boats had a longer life they acquired personalities of their own as well.


Sandy is over, a nor’easter (son of Sandy) is here, the day after the Election. The Storms punctuate the end of the forbidden season as far as insurance companies are concerned. The Hurricane season is almost over.moving. This is the season for moving boats south for the winter.

These boats are regular visitors to Newport now. My first experience was for the America’s Cup Jubilee. When 15 12 meters along with many other yachts shipped to Cowes from Newport.

It is probably less expensive to move your yacht this way. No wear and tear, no fuel, no crew, no hours on the engines.


It is Labor Day Weekend and that makes it the Stamford Vineyard Race.  For most of my life my calendar was measured by sailing events. Memorial Day Weekend was the Block Island Race. Despite this, I always found it curious that the holidays where most of the country spent time with their families, we were off sailing.

Rambler, George David’s 90 foot RP should be finishing soon.


This is a much larger subject than the space I am giving it today. The more I think about it the more I might expand this thread. It should be no surprise to any of us that the America’s Cup is the focal point. It is specific, and has had a long history. Sculptors, painters, illustrators, photographers, film makers all have made the Cup the object of their work.


Ablert Burrage is another name associated with yachting through his yacht “Aztec”. Like Thomas Lawson, he died virtually penniless after having had a rather grand life. The House on Commonwealth Avenue remains as a testament as does the house in Manchester-by-the Sea and the house in Redlands, California.

Each of these men gave souvenirs to guests aboard their yachts, as was the custom of the time.


Thomas W. Lawson from Boston, challenged for the America’s Cup in 1901 with a progressive and controversial boat “Independence”. The boat a B. B. Crowinshield design, was launched in May and broken up by September. He left his mark on the event none-the-less, publishing what many consider the definitive work about the America’s Cup: The Lawson history of the America’s Cup.” Despite this there is little evidence left of his life. He built his dream farm in Scituate “Dreamworld” There is very little left of his accomplishments. The water tower still stands. Stands out is a better description; unlike anything surrounding it.