Classic Yacht Regatta Day One

Sailing aboard “Siren” a NY 32 designed by Olin Stephens; day one.  9:30 am skippers meeting, Ted Hood, Halsey Herreshoff, Gary Jobson, and a few others. The hope of wind expressed by all of the forecasts; out onto the water to wait. And wait we did, until 2:45; racing was abandoned for the day. The wait was an opportunity to look at the wonderful boats assembled for this regatta. “Elenora” the replica of the great Herreshoff schooner. “Ticonderoga”, and many other wonderful yachts lovingly restored.

Tomorrow, a sunny day with a brisk NW wind is forecast, providing this front moves through. We will race around Conanicut Island.
Ashore the exhibit at the Museum of Yachting was open; not to be missed.

Labor Day Weekend Classic Yachts

I have foregone the Stamford-Vineyard Race, the 238 mile classic which I have sailed so often. Circumstances require I be near home this weekend. I am going to sail instead the Classic Yacht regatta here in Newport aboard “Siren” the NY 32 belonging to Peter Cassidy. The NY 32 designed in 1935 by Olin Stephens, replaced the NY 30 designed and built by Herreshoff.

The NY 32 is a nice sailing sea kindly boat. It will never sail as fast as modern boats, but it’s motion at sea is much more comfortable. This entire weekend is really about “Eye Candy” for those sensitive to the aesthetics of long overhangs and gentle sweeping curves of the sheer lines

of these marvels

New York Yacht club Classics Regatta july 2008

This regatta was a celebration not just of classic yachts but Olin Stephens 100th birthday. Just the number and variety of boats Olin designed that I had the privilege of sailing and the joy it gave me over the years, is more than a few. Olin’s name was synonymous with twelve meters and the defense of the America’s cup.
I am steering Peter Cassidy’s NY 32 “Siren” in the round the island race, we finished 2nd for the day and third overall. The New York 32 designed in 1935 was one of Olin’s designs.