six meter class meeting

Saturday, March 27, 2010 Toby Rodes arranged a meeting to discuss the events during the upcoming summer. The day started in Bristol at Lars Gluck’s shop where Totem and Flapper are undergoing refits and finishing, which will surely make already fast boats faster.

     Lunch at the Moorings restaurant, then a meeting at the Seaman’s Church Institute to finalize plans for the upcoming sailing season. In attendance were naval architect David Pedrick, Tony Widmann ,who has strongly supported the class by donating a trophy, Tom Fair, owner of “Madcap”; Toby Rodes owner of “Alana”, Peter Muir, Brion Reiff, Molly Savard, owner of “Cherokee”, Bill Doyle, Jens Lange, Andrew Burton,

burning chap six meter evening

Burning chap at Jesse Smith’s of “Totem” this evening. The weather cooperated nicely and many familiar faces were surrounding the bonfire hoping to cook marsh mellows on a stick.

Onne van der wal showed his outstanding photographs of the 6 and 12 meter championships.
Tony Widmann announced plans for an overall trophy for the coming season, which he is generously donating. All in an attempt to keep the class alive and active.
Toby Rodes spoke briefly, poking the embers of the class as well.

what’s next for six meters in Newport?

What will happen next season with the six meter class in Newport? Will it wither? Will it limp along with a few boats?Will it flourish; with some boats choosing to remain here and race?

Seattle has long been a stronghold of Six Meter sailing; with an active class. Europe has and will likely remain the most active environment for six and eight meters as well.
The survival of any class depends on the strength and commitment of the people involved.

six meter world championships final day

This Nor’ Easter just will not move away. Another day of racing with NE winds, at least in or near our wind range.

We only had one race although two were scheduled.
I hope the people who travelled so far to come to Newport enjoyed themselves.
I have never in my life sailed a regatta where all but one start was under a black flag.
“Madcap” ended the regatta in third place in our division, probably about where we should be in the conditions in which we sailed.

six meter world championships day four

The wind is still in the north east 14-20 knots. Yesterday we nearly tore the gooseneck off the mast. This morning the solution was underway, a bronze strap drilled and tapped around the mast.

Two more races today, the wind still in the northeast and blowing 14-18 knots. Thankfully we didn’t break anything today.
If we had an MVP award it would go to George Cochran and Jonathan Hough, we would not have made it to the starting line without their efforts.

six meter world championships day three

Yesterday we broke our spinnaker pole and worked the vang attachment too hard. Having solved those problems. Today we still had a lot of wind although not as much as yesterday, we were working the gooseneck hard and the chocks at the mast partners came loose.This allowed the mast to twist against the gooseneck making the problem worse. Had it not been for the seizing of spectra we might not have finished the day’s racing.

We had two races and after several general recalls we finally started under a black flag.
We are currently in third place in our division. Wishing for lighter air, as the boat was designed for Long Island Sound.

6 meter north american championship final day

Sunday, brought a pressure driven NNE wind 12-18 knots. In the words of the English it was “snakes and ladders” Despite the wind strength of the wind it was very shifty and puffy.

I the final race of the day we set up for a leeward start which looked favored, and in the final 10 seconds it was clear we would not be able to cross the line on starboard, we tacked and wove our way across the fleet on port. This took us to the right side of the course, while our plan had been to play the left.
Bill Green, brought “Nancy” from England. Bill is from San Francisco but has lived and worked for the last 40 years in England. We first met during the 1968 Trans-atlantic race to Travemunde.
In our division, classic yachts, “Totem” showed good speed and very strong tactics.
Today is the annual meeting for the Six Meter class and tomorrow the World Championship starts.