I had ordered a new scanner to replace one that functioned perfectly well except for the fact that Snow Leopard would no longer recognize it. HP after 4 months still had not created a new driver and there was no indication that they were even thinking of doing it. They were certainly no help when I contacted them.

The snow coupled with cold short days gave me a reason to start working in ernest.

I have a new Epson, and very pleased. I have scanned documents, slides, and negatives so far and the quality is far superior to that of my old scanner. Sometimes the right thing happens for the wrong reason.


If you look at these boats; the sail area, the size of the gear, and no winches to speak of. It really was a time of iron men and wooden ships. The boats needed a long course for a race because of the time involved in setting this much sail.

I had the good fortune to acquire a large collection of glass slides some years ago of these elegant Edwardian boats.

New York City

I ate breakfast every morning at the same corner restaurant. I always started early, I was living on 88th street. and going to school at NYU. I never took the same route twice, always carried my camera.

After a while the waiters and the owner asked if I was a photographer. The girl in the photo was also a customer, and the owner confided in me that he would leave his wife for her. Here she is posed with the “crew” of the restaurant. I gave everyone a series of photos.
Many years earlier, in college, I had the same problem; taking photographs and arriving on time for class.

The Hermit of Narrow River

When I started school at URI in 1966 the only road to get there was a small winding road. I would pass a falling down house situated on a charming spot. One day I found the courage to knock on the door; thats how I met Bill Lacy, the hermit of Narrow River. He wasn’t really a hermit; he just couldn’t get around very well as he had no car and there certainly was no bus passing by.

The skiffs in the photograph were one of Bill’s only source of income, you could rent one for a quarter a day, to go rowing or fishing on the river.
The photo of Bill sitting on the steps of his house with his cat, tells quite a story.
The man with the rake was Bill’s nearest neighbor, they didn’t speak. His source of income was smoking pogies in his outhouse. I was never certain if he revealed this to his customers.
The day Bill died his house was bulldozed and it was as if he had never existed.