This is a story that can to light yesterday, while we were congregated at Indian Harbor Yacht Club for the Carina evening.( see yesterday’s post) A few crewmates felt it merited being included in the blog. We have all folded paper airplanes and even tried to see how far we could make them fly. I honestly had never considered a record setting flight, but there are records for things I have never heard of, so why not?



John Collins, a producer at KRON-TV in San Francisco, is now an official part of history as one of his paper creations glided 226 feet and ten inches through the air to set the new world record for distance. And you teachers with large classrooms thought you were safe from getting pelted by students.

Joe Ayoob

A paper airplane fanatic since a child, Collins has written two books on the subject and has toured the world showing off his creations. Having studied countless designs as well as origami over the years, he felt like he had a shot to create an aircraft that could break the previous world distance record of 207 feet, 4 inches held by Stephen Kreiger. The only thing he was lacking was the arm strength to actually be able to propel a plane that full distance. Enter former Cal quarter back Joe Ayoob, the man who took over for Aaron Rodgers after his ascension to the NFL.

Ayoob and Collins were introduced to each other when Collins first two choices to throw for the record had to bow out due to injury and work pressures. Ayoob had worked with the Vern Glenn, sportscaster at KRON announcing arena football games. Glenn introduced the two after he heard that Collins needed someone with a powerful throwing arm to reach his goal. Looks like he picked the right guy.

On February 26th, Ayoob threw a Collins-made paper airplane ten straight times for the record after 40 or so practice flights. On his fourth attempt is when he nailed the throw, propelling him and Collins into the record books. The event took place at McClellan Air Force Base located near Sacramento. A fitting locale for the record breaking flight.

As of press time, Collins’ site, has been taken offline for too much traffic (not surprising). When it comes back up we should be able to get an idea of the plane’s design so that you can try to replicate it, perhaps one day you will be able to challenge for the title! I have already contacted Tom Brady about a collaboration so go find your own QB.