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I have not written about sailing much recently. That does not mean I have not been watching. The Bermuda Race starts today from Castle Hill Light in Newport RI.

Based on the presentation for skippers, the rhumb line is the course to sail. I am certain there will be some who will search for the favorable eddy; it is a free ride after all.

Snow Lion is chartered to the Hubbards, they won the race a few years ago in their own boat. I had the pleasure of racing across the atlantic in 2005 on the same watch with them.( we won that as well)

This is a navigator’s race and the Gulf Stream is an obvious obstacle; however it must be considered in conjunction with the weather.

Safe sailing to everyone



500 mb and the Gulf Stream

Today was the last day of class with Lee Chesneau, we discussed the 500 mb charts in weather. We had a guest speaker, Frank Bohlen who has spent most of his life studying the Gulf Stream. It is such a large feature and contains so much energy, it has a very real impact on weather.

  We only scratched the surface on these subjects, but it points us in the right direction to learn more

I have been stopping each time I return to newport crossing the bridge to check on the progress of the Ospreys that are nesting near the marsh. splendid creatures. I cannot wait to see the offspring.