2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the launching and first successful defense by the 12 meter “Intrepid”. It also marks the second successful defense by the 12 meter “Courageous”. Each boat successfully defended the America’s Cup twice. Only one other boat can lay claim to that fact. That was “Columbia” 1899 & 1901. She is no longer with us.


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3 thoughts on “HISTORY 40 YEARS AGO & 50 YEARS AGO”

  1. What a great time for the America’s Cup! And you were so fortunate to be part of that time. Thanks for sharing Stephen!

  2. I have 6 color pics of the 155Sep1964 Constellation/Sovereign cup race in Newport take by my dad with his 35mm SLR. Also, have 7 pics of the Destroyer he, wife and parents of crewman Donald Wakeman were on. I have 2 pics of the deck of the Columbia in 1964. I have 4 pics of the Constellation deck close up on top of it (2 are the sail bins below deck) in 1964. I have 2 pics of the Valiant in Newport docked in 1970. We got to walk on the decks of 4 famous race boats with the connection to dads brother Don. I can send them to anyone in a 4 MB zip, let me know. I am 65 yo and getting on, and should really get these old pics on the internet.

    1. I had sent an email a while ago and have not heard back. If your offer still stands I should be very interested to have copies of your photos. stephen lirakis

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