more Carina memories, the big mouth frog.

In 1971, I was preparing “Carina” for another trans-atlantic crossing to Cowes for the Admiral’s Cup. “Carina” was again part of the 3 boat team representing the United States.

I had “Carina” tied to the dock at Indian Harbour Yacht Club; a man approached me saying he had these things, cold light, recently invented by him, and he was not yet sure what they would be useful for. He gave me some for the trip asking if I/we could provide feedback to him about possible uses.
As we all know today cylume is so big and commonplace that no one probably asks where they came from or when.
During the crossing, we mostly played with them, for amusement. I did use one while working on a leak in the compressor for the refrigeration, but really because it was available.

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