Interestingly these photos all relate to offshore sailing…on “Carina”.  I sailed two transatlantics, two admirals cups, 2 fastnet races, 2 channel races, one bermuda race and many other races on the 48 foot McCurdy and Rhodes design.

I still contend we had more fun in that era. There were so many characters with so many stories.

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4 thoughts on “I WAS YOUNG ONCE TOO”

  1. Those were the days! I sailed many offshore races on Tiger Too, Recluta, Hustler, GEM, Love Machine III & IV, etc, and still consider those some of my glory days of racing!

  2. Wow – I think I was younger then as well. You were and continue to be a great sailor and a great friend. I am not sure about cute. Handsome maybe. Bill

  3. I was thinking about it and it might be wise to say that you forgot who Martha is as well. Just a thought. Bill

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