First of all, that a video camera was in use is a symptom of the world today. wow. I too have experienced being under a turtled boat and tangled in lines and rigging. It is the event that made me realize that a sheath knife accessible with either hand is essential, not a folding knife.

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving. I guess thanksgiving is a holiday where we reflect on family and friends. I hope you are all able to have a moment of reflection.

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3 thoughts on “MAN OVERBOARD”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Steve! That looked like the good old days! Imagine if that happened on one of the Volvo boats at 40+mph – scarry thought. Bill

  2. Boy, a long stretch from my Blue Jay days… These boats demand incredible seamanship. The do not suffer fools lightly or the unprepared. Having been in the safety business, how should one prepare for this stuff. There must be a good set of links on this or courses to take.

  3. Had they practiced and done a “Quick Stop” , even with a chute flying free, they would not have gotten so far from the MOB. The outcome could have been very different.

    On Intuition in ’82 they recovered a mob in 30 k with a chute flying in less than 90 sec using the Quick Stop. We have it all on film.

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