Life is complicated. I know who I am looking at when my wife nudges me. At the same time we as a nation are gaining weight like never before. The food has so many additives(just read the label) most of which are not good for us. How do we reconcile these seemingly dichotomous issues.

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ws lirakis

a sailor who carries a camera

3 thoughts on “SHAPES AND SIZES”

  1. I hope that helmsperson remembered the SPF 45 or higher. I mean you do not want to burn any of that.

  2. Steve, It seems like you put this post up almost expressly for me….Thanks

    You know that I have lost 30 lbs, 5 inches of belt loops and lowered my body fat percentage by 4 points in the 6 weeks between AUGUST AND END OF SEPT: 6 weeks. I also have more energy, more focus, do not hurt as much after a work out (at 57 this may) and am off 50% of my old geezers meds.since I started my new business…
    There is an alternative and readers are welcome to contact me-401 965 6006.
    oh what I do is also FANTASTIC for any sailing—- from day races in a 505 to ocean racing. Fergitabout the freeze dried crap-just call me to get more dope.


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