As the start of the Bermuda Race looms, it occupies more of my thoughts. Have I remembered everything? Did I overlook something on the boat? I want to bring what might be needed, but not bring too much, just contributing to extra unnecessary weight. Back to my recurring thought of reducing thing to the lowest common denominator, as uncomplicated and practical as can be achieved.

Safety at sea is at the back of everyone’s mind.

The decision on where to enter the Gulf Stream will be determined before the start and once we commit to a plan it is quite hard to change. Of course many of these decisions are weather based. What the wind will allow us to do.

My kit for the race is not that different from what I packed for last year’s transatlantic race. Naturally fewer things.

Wishing best of luck and safe race to all competitors; but we are like everyone else, racing to win.

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2 thoughts on “BERMUDA RACE COURSE”

  1. Good luck Steve, sail safe. Look forward to saying hello at the RBYC dock…whichever of us gets there first. Andy

  2. Don’t forget your traditional 75 pounds of camera gear. Now with digital, you can probably eliminate, oh, I don’t know, 14 oz. of film?

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