E scow

The E scow is still my favorite monohull. I haven’t sailed one in years. They were still wood. Modern materials have made these boats even more dynamic. If the materials available today had been available 100 years ago the yacht designers and builders would have been on cloud 9. They had the ideas, the means of expression was limited.

I owned one; here in Newport, however most of my E scow sailing was with Henry Bossett in New Jersey. We would trail his boat to Lake Murray, South Carolina at Easter break. It was always a great regatta, with a large turnout.

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  1. I had E number 9 Phoenix I used it in sailing school and groomed racing crew. We had a great time at the Easter Regatta. Having Melges at the finish line his only option flip the boat on port tack putting his mast over. Called him muddy bilges ever since

    Robert Duncan

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