Richest of rich at Davos ponder how to

level the field

I am surprised, pleasantly surprised that the people attending Davos are even aware of the problem.  From there I wonder about Chris Christie, and then Vladimir Putin. Will their egos be their downfall.?  I am not comparing the two, simply that in each case they seem to be oblivious of the plight of others.

Are those attending Davos concerned that the growing disparate situation the world population in in may spell revolution? On the news last night the conclusions of a study showed that the RICHEST 85 FAMILIES HOLD MORE WEALTH THAN 3.5 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Bill Gates announced at the World economic forum that by 2035 there would be no more poor countries. I have my doubts. 50 years ago I imagined that the population would be educated, eliminating poverty; instead I watched the complete opposite. I thought people would recognize the futility of war and what transpires? More wars in the world than ever before.


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  1. If Bill did say that he envisions no more poor people in a mere 21 years, then everything else he is doing and thinking is suspect as well as absurd, and he’s been living in a much too comfy & corrupt box of non-suffering. Perhaps he thinks that giving money to create malaria vaccines and the like means nobody will be poor in the near fiuture, and frankly the very thought is quite crazily unrealistic. Best get out of your too privileged confort zone of endless money to send on your personally self-satisfying whims Bill, and see the world from a more realistic perspective of the actual need and suffering of others. Perhaps reading Siddartha by Herman Hesse may help. There’s no more startling reality than the idea that he richest 85 families now hold more wealth than 3.5 billion souls. That ivory tower of wealth and power insults men like the ultra rich Mr. Gates whose philanthropic efforts of late, as laudable as he may feel them to be, and allows him to utter such a inanity as proclaiming the end of poverty on the planet in twenty years. Quite Unfortunately and sadly crazy.

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