After the skipper’s meeting we set out for halfway rock rendezvous with the race committee. I am skippering “Madcap” with Jay Sharkey , Jonathan Hough, and Bill Hartnett as crew. After a postponement waiting for the southerly to fill, which never happened, we started in a light northerly. We nailed the start, a general recall. I never imagined that the other boats would let me in again. Nailed the second start, and rounded the first windward mark in third place, beating many modern boats. This is where or problems started. we were four and a crew of five can make all the difference. We will try to have a fifth for tomorrow and for the world’s, which start on tuesday.


Tomorrow is the first of two days of racing for the North American Six meter championship; followed next week by the six meter world championship, here in Newport.

Boats are preparing and some still arriving. Sleipnir II arrived a few days ago and both masts were broken turning into the shipyard. Fortunately one is nearly repaired already. The Man in the Photo with Sleipnir is the grandson of Rassmussen of Abeking & Rassmussen
If you want to feel a fair bottom, go see Fokus 3, a blog is available recounting their trip from Seattle.


Sailing 6 meter “Madcap” designed by Frederick Hoyt in 1924. Perhaps the smallest 6 meter ever, which entitles her to more sail area than she can handle except in light air.

Today was an odd day the wind never filled from the southwest despite the sun. A southeast breeze pushed the fog into the bay and over the land.
The starting line had been set for SW and when the wind shifted we could not cross the line on starboard tack.
The boat proved to be quick.


In September of this year the six metre class will have it’s world championship in Newport, RI. Following at the end of the month the twelve metre class will host a commemorative regatta, which will also be the North American championship.

Tim Street, the Six Meter Class president made a presentation along with Toby Rodes owner of a 1928 Fife and David Pedrick, naval architect. I can’t wait to see all those six meters in Newport.