“Guinevere” an Alan Gurney design for George Moffett was launched in the spring of 1966 at Jackobson’s yacht yard in Oyster Bay, NY. I sailed my first Bermuda Race aboard her and again in 1968 another Bermuda Race and the Transatlantic race to Germany; the longest race I have ever sailed (24 days); finishing in Travemunde, Germany at the bottom of the Baltic.
George was a wonderful man and a fine helmsman.
Like any long race there are so many wonderful stories; which at this point in my life I have accumulated a few.



The transatlantic race of 1968 from Bermuda to Travemunde was my longest both in distance and time. It was 3,800 miles.  George Moffett was  a wonderful man, curious and interested and a fine sailor. As we approached the vicinity of “Rockall”, George said we should change course to see it, he was met by a chorus “but  George we are racing”. Without missing a beat George responded ” Who knows if we will ever be here again?” I have never been in sight again, although very close by on several occasions.

In this race our times were taken at two points; at the Skagen light ship and at Fehmarn lightship. Our finish times shown on the last log entry. Many stories, of ship life and the race from other boats still hold fond memories.