Tenacity is an important part of almost any endeavor in life. It is an essential ingredient of Ocean Racing. I thought Peter Millard’s words this evening summed up the Carina Story: “Never say never, say Nye”

This evening at Indian Harbor Yacht Club as many of the old crew re-united to celebrate the publishing of a book of the Nye family love affair with the sea.”Home is the Sailor” by Richard Nye, published by Bruce Farr. A bond which had drawn us together. I keep fond memories of my brief years on “Carina” and the friends and shipmates created.

I should add that the trophies won by the various “Carinas” over the years have been given to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, where they belong; to remind us of the boat, the people, and the stories.

Dick probably got overtired by the event, but I am certain that in his heart he was glad to be there and see many familiar faces of those with whom he had shared events that only those inducted into the fraternity of Ocean Racing could truly comprehend.


It is really about Dick Nye gifting the trophies the “Carinas” had won over the years to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, coupled with the publication of a book of the history of the “Carinas” and the family whom owned them. I was part of the crew for only a short period of time, 2 transatlantic crossings, 2 fastnet races, 2 admiral’s cups, 1 bermuda race, and of course all the smaller races during that time. I keep many fine memories and hope to see many of the former crew there.