The weather co operated and by the time of our start we had an ebb tide and 12 knots from the south. After beating out to Beavertail; we set the big chute and jibed down the west passage in order to stay out of the current and in the best wind. After turning the corner at the north end of Connanicut Island we faces a beat to the finish off Ft. Adams. We were in the inside of the fleet for a 30 degree lift, But could not point and gave up any advantage we had gained. A great day of sailing and some rig tuning which should help our performance,


The round the island race was sailed in reverse, that is starting to the north. The results are here. We made two mistakes, almost recovering between beavertail and the finish. It was a light and shifty day. the wind moved through the entire compass and varied in strength between 3 and 12 knots.

Tomorrow we are likely to sail outside, on windward leeward courses.