The final day of racing in the 12 meter North American Championships. It has been close racing, closer than the scores reflected in some cases. Today showed just how close the racing was, both upwind and down.

Dennis Connor sailing KZ 7 ultimately won the Grand Prix division, Victory “83 owned by Dennis Williams won the Modern division, and Columbia ¬†owned by Alain Hanover won the Traditional division.

The Melges 32 championship starts at the end of the week. The boats are all identical and there is nothing notable about the boats themselves. They are fast, but it is the level racing of some very good sailors that makes it compelling to watch.



It is fall and the sun is lower in the sky. Quite apart from the fact that the sun sets noticeably sooner, the light changes as well. Another splendid day on the water.

The racing is tight. the finishes are close. American Eagle and Columbia finished tightly overlapped nearly every race.



Summer is over, but not the sailing. Today was the first day of the 12 meter north american championship. An overcast day turned to sunshine and the wind out of the north a 10-15 knots held all day. Three races were held. Twelve meters only go 8 knots; nothing like the AC 45 catamarans which can sail over 40 knots, but they are so elegant and graceful.

Victory 83 has 3 firsts in class 2. Ted Turner was over the line in two of three starts for a second place in the classic division which comprises 2 boats. Dennis connor is sailing in the grand prix division with Tom Whidden as his tactician.