12 meter era reunion

I will keep the thought alive. I should very much like to see all of those who walked the same path as I did. With extra pleasure in seeing all those who when before me. The text is from Jerome Brooks, written in 1958 shortly before the start of the first 12 meter defense of the America’s Cup.

An addendum, “Leopard of London” while not yet finished lost the window to eclipse the record set by “Mari Cha” . The weather was not as co-operative as they had hoped.

Where is Leopard?

“Leopard of London” is just beyond halfway, reading and looking at their blog,( see the link). While they are 230 miles ahead of the “record” they are at present not pointed at the finish. By their own admission Leopard is not as fast as a Volvo 70. Additionally, Leopard has power winches, which means she can never actually own the outright record. Still and all, we are all rooting for their success.


“Il Monstro” arrived back in Newport yesterday evening, with Ken’s brother Brad having completed his first transatlantic race; on a boat we would all love to have sailed. Docked at  Charlie Dana’s Newport Shipyard, next to “Leopard of London” and “Speedboat”. A sort of trinity of sailboat racing, formula ones of the water.
     “Il Monstro” will set up training here in Newport in preparation for the next Volvo Ocean Race.
   The bottom photo is a panorama of Shields racing last night on Narragansett Bay, comprised of 10 photos stitched together. Spring is coming to the Northeast.


I had trouble fitting “Mirabella V” in the frame. That is” Leopard of London” which is 100 feet long on the outside of “Mirabella” The dark mast through the rigging of “Mirabella” is “Speedboat” also 100 feet long. Both of the 100 foot boat have power assisted winches and canting keels, which means that the engine must be running pretty much all the time in order to sail the boat. They sail with 18-25 people as they are all needed to make sail changes or any other big changes, like a jibe.
   Both “Speedboat” and “Leopard” are in Newport waiting for a weather window to make an attempt on the monohull transatlantic record. Because they have power assisted winches they can never own the outright record held by “Maria Cha” set in 2003
   “Speedboat” is also entered in the Bermuda Race starting June 18th, where I am certain they would like to set a course record as well.
    “Mirabella V” is, I believe ,still the largest sloop in the world. Despite to fact that everything is done by a computer and power, I have trouble conceiving of managing anything aboard her. Just the sheer size of the gear and the loads generated are mind boggling. The photo of people standing next to the headstay turnbuckle should be proof enough. This photo is courtesy of Bill Coleman.
   I am thrilled to see these boats and glad of their existence I am anxious to get back to the thread of the 12 meters and the America’s Cup.