The present track of Irene puts the eye of hurricane going over Western Long Island, about 100 miles west of Rhode Island. Very good news for us, not so for those now in the path of the storm. If this holds true, I will be very relieved.

latest NOAA

The storm has also been downgraded and has weakened. Right now the predictions for Newport, RI are 50 knot winds, quite acceptable. (as the reader may know the force of the wind is the square of the speed, a few quick examples will show how dramatically things change as the numbers grow.)

I am feeling cautiously better.


I am still hoping for a miracle, that the hurricane will weaken or go inland and dissipate. Still have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. No choice there.  It is still not possible to tell, however at the moment, it looks as though the hurricane may head over Long Island and up into Western Massachusetts. A blessing for me.

While I am watching and waiting for Irene, my friend Paul Larsen and another group  are cycling The Haute Route, a staged race of 730 km between Geneva and Nice; over some of steepest terrain.



noaa tracking irene

In case you can’t tell, hurricane’s are my phobia. I like the manifestations of nature, but as a homeowner I am always  feeling protective. I have sailed through two hurricanes in my sailing career so far. It makes for good stories, but I never felt threatened or in danger. I worry much more about my house.

James Boyd of The Daily Sail has written a very good two part interview with the crew of Rambler 100 concerning the capsize. The Daily Sail is a subscription blog so I cannot reproduce the article here, only refer you to it. Click here to go to the page.

Finally, IDEC has been righted in Montauk.