Waiting for Tropical Storm Hanna

It is the weekend, and I have no sailing planned. Yesterday I prepared everything I felt needed to be attended to before “Hanna” arrived. As you can see the visibility is nil; any sailing plans would have been canceled. We are in Hurricane season. One’s mind wanders when there is no focus.

One of my longtime dreams has been to visit St. Catherine’s of the Sinai. A Monastery built around the burning bush at the foot of Mt. Sinai.
Sometimes things in life happen for a reason. Last year, we were in Los Angeles and as luck would have it The Getty Museum had an exhibit of the Treasures of the Sinai. My dream had come true.  Accompanying the exhibit were monks from the Monastery assuring the safety of the exhibit, interestingly the monks are all from Crete, the name Lirakis is a name from that same island, so they were very excited to meet me.

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