The Ben Ainslie event in Australia touched a nerve in me. I am not entirely surprised it happened. It was a matter of when, given the direction the world is moving. I could never have predicted when or where, just that it seemed due.

I have had some interaction with Sunset & Vine, the film company (English, by the way) who had chartered the boat. They had wanted to have my input on the America’s Cup. I have never met any of them personally.

I had occasion to speak to an English International Judge today, who had no sympathy for ben at all. Stating that Ben could have filed for redress under rule 69.2 ( I hope I have that right) I have just read that the press boats and helicopters covering the event had been exempted. If true, Ben had no possibility for redress.

He still faces review by the RYA and ISAF and further penalties could be imposed. Personally, I think Ben has been punished, and that the press boats should be severely warned.

The sport of sailing should still be for the sailors on the water.