We sail the race and many people never leave the yacht club or the immediate surroundings. There is in fact a great deal to see. I discovered this trip many new things that I had never seen before. ( my first race was in 1966) I am not sure what that says about me.


The first photo, of the man sitting in the garden of the Louvre, feeding the birds, staring blankly into the distance; looking to us ultimately alone, despite the fact that perhaps thousands of voices pass him every day. It made me reflect on each of us alone with our thoughts; no matter our circumstances, we are ultimately alone. We can never fully express our thoughts to others, they are far to complex and far too simple.

Behind each of these faces there is a story, an entire life, with all that represents. We assume that we can read their faces and divine their stories; but can we really?

It is a depressing thought, apologies, but no matter how successful and secure we are, we are in the end all the same; alone with our thoughts.

Remember others and their secret suffering, Sometimes a kind word or thought is enough to soften those “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”