Today is the first start for the transatlantic race leaving Newport, RI to the Lizard, UK, at 2pm from Castle Hill. There are only six boats in this start, ranging from the 40′ “British Soldier “to the classic 86′” Nordwind”. Their start will be in a flood tide and a light southerly wind, and likely sunshine.

Our start is wednesday the largest class with 14 entries; again with a broad variety of boats. A swing keel Cookson 50, “Jazz”, two class 40 boats, a 66′ catamaran “Phaedo” and the 289′ “Maltese Falcon”.

On July 3rd the last group sets off. These boats, “Rambler 100”, “Leopard of London” will all still finish ahead of us despite having started 5 days after we leave.

For every boat routing is the key to doing well. Finding a weather pattern and being able to sail to the boat’s rating. If a boat can sail to it’s potential throughout the race, it should win.