SpeedDream is a story that I have been following for a while, I have posted about it earlier. The next step in Monohull sailing.   The America’s Cup has just finished a week of racing in San Francisco and today three of the teams will unveil their respective 72 foot boats; which will take the America’s cup to a whole new level.

Cloud Computing, a phrase that is easily thrown around, has been around for along time already, but still in it’s infancy. Amazon is one of the big suppliers. All of this is changing the face of how business is conducted.I wonder what the future consequences will be; when one does not really have control over one’s own material.It is truly in someone else’s hands.Or, someone else’s server.

I am my age, I am used to the idea that in order to sell something you must have a product to exchange for money. Clearly I am old fashioned. I find it harder very day to justify my existence on earth. My ideas do not find as easily as they once did.

I suppose it is one of the reasons I like long distance sailing. Life is reduced to very elemental levels. Perhaps it reminds us who or what we really are. I have very little desire to go into space, I find the world has much to much to offer. I would like to see the earth from space, however.