12 METER CLASS 1958-1986

I have been working making short videos lately. I have made others that have nothing to do with sailing. Sailing is what people expect to find here.

Call Me "Sir"

Before the America’s Cup Jubilee Prince Michael of Kent came sailing with us aboard “Columbia” the twelve meter in Newport. I recognized him as soon as he stepped aboard. Not quit sure of how to engage him in conversation, after a bit of reflection I had a thought. Uffa Fox had taught him to sail, and had probably helped him get drunk for the first time, in his teens, along with many other adventures. You had to know Uffa.

As we approached the moment when we had to prepare for the day’s racing , I asked Prince Michael how I should address him while racing. His response:”You may call me sir.”
The rest of the day all communication was prefaced by “Sir”.