I had the great privilege to sail “Columbia” the first twelve meter to defend the America’s Cup in 1958. at the America’s Cup Jubilee. There were 38 twelve meters there. This was a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup.

The idea of the Royal Yacht Squadron, from my prospective it exceeded all expectations. It was an endless parade of yachts each more beautiful and graceful the the next.


It will be interesting to see if this idea gains traction.
Bold plan to return America’s Cup style racing to San Francisco
by Richard Gladwell, NZL May 7, 2015, 19:28:00 (EDT)

12 metres racing in the 1983 America’s Cup. Australia II is covered by Liberty in Race 1 of the 1983 America’s Cup

There will be smiles around San Francisco Bay with the announcement that America’s Cup style racing is set to return to the venue of the 34th America’s Cup.

A bold plan by Tom Ehman, whose experience with the Cup dates back to 1977, will see racing resume on an annual basis in updated 12 Metre yachts – which were the preferred Cup class from 1956 to 1987.

The new event will reflect the true spirity of the America’s Cup Deed of Gift, with competition being between yacht club teams comprised only of nationals from that club’s country.

The new event is being masterminded by Tom Ehman who is currently the Vice Commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, the body charged under the 19th century Deed of Gift, which governs the conduct of the America’s Cup, with the organisation of the 35th America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup Events Authority is the body responsible under the Protocol for the organisation of the next Match, but it created a great deal of angst amongst the San Francisco sailing fraternity when it decided not to Defend in its home waters, and took the Cup Defence to Bermuda.

That frustration has spawned the new event, coupled with the desire of San Francisco sailors to maintain their place on the international sailing vista.

Unlike the America’s Cup the new San Francisco event will carry half a million dollars in prizemoney, and will be a lot lower costs of entry, with a figure of $1million being touted as the annual cost to run a team.

The benefit for sponsors is that they will get annual exposure for their outlay, as opposed to the once every three/four years with the current Cup plus what can be obtained from the America’s Cup World Series – a three day event which will be sailed three times this year, and with only three venues announced for 2016

Speaking with Associated Press, Ehman said he envisions the Golden Gate Challenge as the Wimbledon of yacht racing in that it will be held every year at the same venue. Unlike the America’s Cup, all teams will be challengers, meaning they’ll start on equal footing each year.

To be named the Golden Gate Yacht Racing Challenge, the new event is being launched at a time when many in the sailing world have questioned the vision for the 35th America’s Cup of Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts, which has so far lost two of its Challengers of Record in the first 18 months of the 35th America’s Cup cycle.

Ehman said he hopes to attract team owners who have been priced out of the America’s Cup or turned off by recent turmoil.

‘This is an opportunity to do something for the sport and the former cup community,’ Ehman said from San Francisco.

Ehman told Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press that he’s working to secure event sponsors and teams.

‘I think this is the best venue in the world for showcasing yacht racing and that was shown in the last cup,’ he said. ‘There’s a crying need in the world of yacht racing for such an event, especially in monohulls and especially in a lot of breeze. We’re seeing that because of what’s happening or not happening in other parts of the sport and in other parts of the world.’

The move is sure to raise the hackles of the America’s Cup Events Authority, a privately owned company charged by the Golden Gate Yacht Club with the commercial and event management activities surrounding the 35th America’s Cup, now removed to Bermuda.

Technically Ehman is part of a management structure to which ACEA reports, however his position is also understood to be voluntary, and ACEA would have few options open to shut down this new initiative or Ehman’s involvement in promoting a new sailing event in a venue deserted by ACEA.

Ehman remains vice commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, which is the America’s Cup trustee. He said his regatta is not affiliated with the GGYC and won’t compete with the America’s Cup. It is believed the new event will be hosted by all Bay area yacht clubs, and existing facilities will be used for team bases

‘I think the America’s Cup is off on its own and always has been,’ Ehman said. ‘The America’s Cup will survive the current situation. There is obviously strong interest in monohull racing with strong teams, in boats everyone has heard of and loves. There is a nostalgia and romance with the 12-meters, and to have those boats racing in a lot of breeze on San Francisco Bay where people can watch it, it will remind people of how great the America’s Cup was in Fremantle in 1987 in windy conditions in 12s.’

Ehman told AP that he’s having designers look at modernizing the 12s and hopes to keep the cost below $3 million per boat. All boats would have the same hull shape, which would make the regatta a test of sailing skill rather than a design competition, helping to hold down costs.

12 METER CLASS 1958-1986

I have been working making short videos lately. I have made others that have nothing to do with sailing. Sailing is what people expect to find here.

Joe Cooper, wishing him good health and good luck

I will l be leaving Hood at the end of October.  Most folks that hear this more or less want to know what might motivate the Crazy Aussie Sailor to branch out….?
What else is out there that could grab all the passion he has for boats and sailing….?
One word
Health (mine and others)
It is a long story but the short version is that I will be partners in a wellness and nutrition club in Middletown.
The products we use in our Club are excellent- It is very high quality nutrition. Short version is basically a nutrition shake as the core product with many other supporting products in the lineup. Net result is excellent nutrition, weight loss, maintenance or gain, as needed.
I have found the products to be excellent when on the road, pressed for time, too knackered to do anything about dinner after a long drive back from somewhere and orders of magnitude preferable to any fast food and most slow food too for that matter.
In terms of easy good nutrition for sailors, on the NEST race I used the shakes in 2 thermos jugs plus the hydrating drinks; I had them in the cockpit tail bags I would just slurp away on them during the 18 hours of the race and in addition to some bars they have too and after NO sleep, I felt great. Tired but just fine, no sugar rush (Snickers or Oreos) headache or coffee jitters or coffee mouth as is normal after an all-nighter…
I have been using the products for 18 months and signed up to be a distributor about a year ago and finely really committed to changing gigs about 6 weeks ago.
In this time I have lost about 15 lbs, about 4 inches of waist (so I am now down to a svelte 240 (yester day went under 240 for the first time in living memory…) from pushing a lumbering 260
I will be operating out of the Club on west main rd., opposite the Hess station/Staples. We are called “The Daily Shake” and we are on the east side of WMR, (you drive past us every time you go to NEB/Hinckley) in the small strip with the China Star Chinese, the Bike Shop, and the ever revolving Verizon shop. Until the end of October I will be here from 0800-1000, then after wards more, regular day time hours 3-4 days a week, particulars to come.
I invite you to come and visit us and see what is going on both in terms of really excellent nutrition in general and especially for sailing..

    I have know Joe Cooper for a long time now. I seldom see him, but I know if he believes in this product it must be good.