The Earth Wind Map is an amazing project to visualize global weather conditions carried out by Tokyo based software engineer Cameron Beccario, resulting in a beautifully mesmerising depiction of the earth’s winds. Weather data is produced by the Global Forecast System (GFS), operated by the US National Weather Service. Forecasts are produced four times daily and are up-to-date, providing an astonishing picture of our planet and its winds.

See the storms that have ravaged England and the Northeast.


La Tempête et les grandes marées à Saint-Malo… by manux03

We here in the Northeast have had below freezing temperatures since before Christmas. It has snowed almost once a week. Bt we have not had to experience the weather Western England, Wales, and Brittany.
Northern California which has been facing the worst drought in years was hit by the Pineapple Express which brought 10″ of rain to Santa Rosa, and 2-4 feet of snow to Lake Tahoe.