There is clearly a desire for change. Vlad Murnikov’s 48 foot design has been chosen for the world match race tour. I will confess that I never envisioned such change coming. I am not saying that I did not wish for change, but I never could have predicted the direction.

The America’s Cup has taken it’s share of press for change; not the least of which was the move to multihulls. The following is a you tube video about the 45 footers which will be sailed for the first season at least of the America’s Cup competition.

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2 thoughts on “MORE CHANGES”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Vlad is a friend of mine that I lost touch with over the last 10
    years. To help support his efforts I bought one of his early MX20
    designs and sailed in his early one man dinghy with a trapeze and
    spinnaker- talk about fun. Thanks for the post, it spurred me to get
    back in touch with him.


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