There is clearly a desire for change. Vlad Murnikov’s 48 foot design has been chosen for the world match race tour. I will confess that I never envisioned such change coming. I am not saying that I did not wish for change, but I never could have predicted the direction.

The America’s Cup has taken it’s share of press for change; not the least of which was the move to multihulls. The following is a you tube video about the 45 footers which will be sailed for the first season at least of the America’s Cup competition.


Read for yourself  how these boats will look. I have had quite a number of calls from those I know and have sailed,  most of whom are against the concept of multihulls in the America’s Cup. In particular, none of them see how the America’s Cup in multihulls could be held in San Francisco bay. Remember in Valencia, the last races were held well offshore, and the length of the races was 40+ miles. Their feeling is that Kattack will be the only way most people will see the race, and that as in Valencia, the competitors will tack as few times as possible, making it a drag race and not match racing as we know it.

The decision is made; we are already well down the path towards the next challenge. The English team has withdrawn, there are rumblings from New Zealand possibly doing the same.

Match racing in the last years has developed so much; it has become a sport in it’s own right. Sailed in the same boats, putting the emphasis on the ability of the skippers and crews. In the end it does not get better than that.

The America’s Cup has always been about technological development. Change always comes with difficulty and we will all be watching with interest.