Start day for the Annapolis-Newport Race. We have the remnants of a northwesterly here, If they have it in the Chesapeake, the bogs should blast out of the bay. Click here for the tracker.

48 hour 500mb NOAA map

I have not had an update on the progress of Coronet in a while. So here are some recent photos. The knees will be re-used where possible.


The Annapolis to Newport race starts on Friday. On saturday, I will spend the day in a swimming pool in my foul weather gear, part of the requirements for the transatlantic race. The NYYC spring regatta takes place on the weekend of June 10-12. Followed quickly by the “J” Class regatta; which should be a spectacle, a feast for the eyes. Plenty of time to pack my sea bag. Summer has finally come to the Northeast. The pace of life has accelerated, after a long difficult winter. The long days of sunlight make us forget so easily the cold and dark.