Tomorrow is father’s day. It is the first father’s day I have been at home in perhaps 30 years. Now that my children are grown and have children of their own. I have told my wife that we can do whatever she wishes.

I spent today watching the “J” class racing. Ranger has won every start and her tacks and jibes are a little better. The amounts to Ranger having won every race so far.I find it hard to take my eyes off these magnificent boats.


These giants of sail are wonderful to look at. Here is the link to the web site for the regatta. Look carefully to find results. Starts (1pm) and finishes are off Ft. Adams which makes easy viewing.

Ranger is a re-creation, built new from scratch. Velsheda is a restoration.


Aboard “Snow Lion” we were tuning the mast in preparation for the transatlantic race, leaving in 10 days. We still have a lot to do, however I am not worried about the timeline, we are on schedule.

The “J” Class is having a two boat regatta. This is the series Rhode Island claimed would replace the loss of the America’s Cup. Make no mistake these are truly majestic boats; however the regatta was not especially well advertised and not very many people are aware it is taking place.



The Annapolis to Newport race starts on Friday. On saturday, I will spend the day in a swimming pool in my foul weather gear, part of the requirements for the transatlantic race. The NYYC spring regatta takes place on the weekend of June 10-12. Followed quickly by the “J” Class regatta; which should be a spectacle, a feast for the eyes. Plenty of time to pack my sea bag. Summer has finally come to the Northeast. The pace of life has accelerated, after a long difficult winter. The long days of sunlight make us forget so easily the cold and dark.