I crossed the Atlantic in 11 1/2 days this summer. For someone of my generation this was special. I never expect to repeat this experience. But I am still on a slow boat in today’s world.
The America’s Cup will never go back to non foiling boats. I still predict that the next Olympics will have at least one foiling class, if not two. No one is looking back, unless it is to true classic yachts. That is for different reasons of beauty and elegance.


In 1977-1978 I teamed up with my college sailing friend Henry Bossett, to campaign a Tornado for the Olympics. I had sailed not only in college with Henry , but E Scows as well, still my favorite monohull.

By the spring of 1978 we were ranked number one in the United States; probably the lightest team sailing a Tornado, which meant we had no room for error.Henry built the sails which were clearly fast and tailored to our needs.
The sailing was thrilling, the competition great, but if you have read this blog , I was juggling a many balls at once.; something had to give, I reluctantly gave notice to Henry. I keep fond memories and can only wonder what the future might have held for us.