I took the photo of the waterspout off the coast of Corsica in September 2001. I had gone to Porto Cervo to race on Columbia the twelve meter. we rarely got off the dock as one Mistral after another kept us ashore.

This was during 9/11. which delayed racing further, not that anyone was focused on sailing with such an event.
We were to be in Monaco for another regatta. The weather continued to delay our departure. Finally, it was leave or miss the regatta. The weather had abated a little. Valiant left before us, reporting big seas in the Straits of Bonifacio; losing her mast shortly thereafter.
We left, cautiously, once in the lee of Corsica, we felt somewhat relived. I took this photo of the water spout from the deck of Columbia; and very pleased to have taken it. Many years ago, while racing on Charisma off Palma di Majorca we started a race amidst more than twenty spouts all around us. It was a spectacular sight. I was never able to take a photograph then, I was otherwise occupied, and had been waiting for another opportunity.

1976 Mediterranean

Another even year, Bermuda Race time again. A new “Charisma” designed for Jessie Phillips by Sparkman&Stephens. Olin always said that Jesse was his favorite client. The Bermuda race turned out to be the worst finish I have ever tallied in my sailing career. a number of factors contributed to that.

Later that summer I joined Ted Turner in Marseille,France to once again sail the One Ton World Championships on “Pied Piper” the Peterson design that had been sailed by Lowell North and beaten us the year before. Ted ended up leaving the regatta early and Lowell appointed me the starting helmsman. We finished second for the regatta by a few feet, in the last race. regrettably I have no photos from the regatta.
A few weeks later I was aboard “Charisma” once again, for the Mediterranean Championships in Palma di Majorca ,Spain As noted in the photograph of Jesse, we won about everything there was to win. I was one of the helmsman