This post was triggered by a post on my wife’s facebook. One of her friends referenced the poem/film “this is the night mail” A captivating clip. Truly remarkable.

In college I spent the better part of three days with W.H. Auden. Listening to him recite his poems; drinking tea. talking quietly. I haven’t thought about this event in quite some time. Daily life has a way of interfering with things. It is a piece of my life. I could not say that it had a big impact; I did not become a poet or a writer. Yet I would not be who I am, had I not lived this moment; a piece of the puzzle.

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  1. Stephen; I am that FB friend of your wife’s who shared that Auden moment + pleased to have had the curiosity to look at your photographic work (2 websites + blog). I’m so glad I did so in order to meet you + your work. Blessings, SuzanneSilk

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