This may qualify as one of the more foolish things I have done in my life.  I have written about having lofted and built “Courageous”. we literally did it all; we built everything. 
The boat was well underway; it is the early spring of 1974, We started early in the morning, everything was prepared. We started heating and loading 50,000 pounds of lead in the cauldron we had crudely built. After all it was a one time use. As you can see from the photos this lasted all day and well into the night. Keeping the lead flowing and the slew free and running proved to be a challenge. If you notice how we are dressed, it may be a clue to how foolhardy this was. The hot lead was spattering everywhere.
We are pouring the lead into a cement mould also weighing nearly 50,000 pounds; which we had let cure for a period of time. With all this molten lead pouring into the mold the steam coming out of the cement was impressive. The heat was coming right through the soles of my shoes. 
Obviously we succeeded. “Courageous” became the last two time defender of the America’s Cup

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