Mickey Spillane, longtime friend and shipmate was killed hang gliding in Brazil. We had sailed many miles together. I always enjoyed having Mickey aboard as he exuded calm. We last sailed together last summer in Newport for the six meter north american championships; we finished second. The group photo was aboard “Charisma” in 1973, we were part of the American Admiral’s Cup team. Bill Ficker was helmsman.  Culminating in a second overall in the Fastnet race, second to a sistership from Brazil.

We celebrated Mickey’s 30th wedding anniversary a few summers ago. He met his wife, Alice, when we were racing in Brazil.
 If you click on the link and scroll down to the video shot in Brazil at one of the spots for hang gliding.
We had been looking forward to seeing Mickey and Alice, who were due to return to Newport any day. I was already making plans for sailing with Mickey.

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