jeff neuberth wins a rolex

re-visiting the america’s cup

peter bowker, ted turner, robbie doyle

starting line 

dennis connor

hans isbrandsen trimming the spinnaker

Today was a full day, starting with breakfast talks about the past, present and future of the America’s Cup. Followed by boat assignments for the “legends” race; after a general recall, “Freedom” with Dennis Connor won the next start and the race.
    The America’s Cup Hall of Fame took place in the evening inducting 6, five of which were from the “new” generation of America’s Cup sailors. While I am certain they were all deserving; I think the selection committee should have considered the weekend and chosen from the 12 meter era 1958-1987.
  tomorrow, Sunday is the last day of the event and another panel discussion is scheduled before we all go our separate ways; which is the reason this weekend took particular importance for me. I am not likely to see many of these people ever again.

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