My post today is the result of some of these photos being sent to me by Henry Bossett. It is moments like this when one stops and counts the years. It is now a long time ago. 1970? We won almost everything. We had a good time doing it, or at least I did.

I had a conversation today with another college sailing mate, Bill Johnson, we were reminiscing about bygone days on Salt Pond. If you haven’t remarked yet; we look a little rag tag, certainly compared to today’s college sailing.

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3 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK”

  1. I wonder if we would be seeing this stuff if it had been in digital form? love the firefly shots! Do you remember Jeff Spranger’s experimental cardboard/fiberglass cat and monohull at the ILYC / St Georges spring practice? I doubt there are any pic’s of them digital or otherwise!

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