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If you have read my blog, you have found entries about past America’s cup programs when the 12 meters were still the boats being raced. The Julibee in 2001 breathed new life into the class. Many older boats being restored and raced.It is because these boats were built to Lloyd’s scantlings that they survived at all.

While a twelve meter is a heavy slow boat by today’s standards, they are thrilling to sail for other reasons, and are about as elegant and graceful as a boat can be.
In Newport there are at least 15 twelve meters. and more than twenty on the East Coast. A regatta can attract enough boat to make a sight, at the same time provide a venue where we “oldtimers” can still look useful and active.Of course it is always an opportunity for old shipmates to re-unite.
An association for north america was formed and a regatta schedule created including an annual championship, and a world championship; all of which I have participated in, winning a few.

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