‘Small enough to fit in your pocket easily, with retractable antenna’    .

Have you been reluctant to invest in a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) because you think ‘it couldn’t happen to me’, or are they just too bulky and troublesome to worry about? The world’s smallest PLB has just been introduced to the market, so you might try thinking again…

It’s called the rescueME PLB 1.

By volume this PLB is 30% smaller than most other PLB’s on the market, so that it very easily fits into your life jacket. AND it does the job that’s needed. It has a retractable antenna, a 66 channel GPS receiver, a specially designed mounting clip and a flotation lanyard. The strobe light is more than up-to-scratch with very high brightness equal to one candela. Not only that it comes with a seven year warranty and a seven year battery life.

When activated – and this can be done with a single hand, vital in a MOB situation – it transmits your position and your ID to a Rescue Coordination Centre via satellite. For safety, a spring-loaded flap covers the activation button to prevent accidental use.

It is connected to the Cospas Sarsat satellite network, and as this is funded by Government, there are no charges for the service.

For more information, go to the manufacturer‘s_website

by OCean Signal/Sail-World Cruising

There is no way that there can be enough publication about a product like this, each time progress is made to improve safety at sea.

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2 thoughts on “SAFETY AT SEA”

  1. Another great gizmo for sure but it dawned on me recently that all the discussion about MOB starts when someone has gone INTO the drink.

    All the hardware and techniques are for AFTER you are in the tide.

    The REAL discussion of MOB is really about awareness on the boat and avoiding going MOB in the first place, but I can find no discussion of such topics.

    Can anyone else?

    We are sternly admonished to wear our life jackets, but nothing is said about how to not fall of in the first place.

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