bannister’s wharf

In 1977 bannister’s wharf was the dock for the Courageous/Independence syndicate. A lift was installed and we alternated boats in the lift.

I arrived early each morning as I was responsible for the mast and other components and left,usually before the sun set, unless we were making a major change. I never understood what the scene was like at The Candy Store and the Black Pearl. My only clue was the overwhelming smell of the garbage that greeted me each morning.
The 12 meter North American Championships are being held this weekend and hosted at Bannister’s Wharf.

my town

Newport, is a tourist town, even the vikings visited;home to the oldest synagogue in America, designed by the same architect as Trinity church. In Newport the Jews and Christians co-existed harmoniously in colonial times as now George Washington even spoke at Touro.

My Newport is a town with many layers. each intriguing in it’s own right; for me, however, I must have somehow been infected with sea water at a young age, as I keep returning to the ocean