I crossed the atlantic twice on “Carina” which was launched in the spring of 1969. A year which was famous for Woodstock and the Moon walk. We huddled around the radio at sea to listen to the Moonwalk broadcast. We races the Fastnet and the US team won the Admiral’s Cup that year; finishing second in 1971.



I had the great privilege to sail “Columbia” the first twelve meter to defend the America’s Cup in 1958. at the America’s Cup Jubilee. There were 38 twelve meters there. This was a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup.

The idea of the Royal Yacht Squadron, from my prospective it exceeded all expectations. It was an endless parade of yachts each more beautiful and graceful the the next.

Hobnail Boots

After arriving in Ireland at the finish of the Trans-atlantic race; I was informed that I was included on the list of invited to all the events in Cowes; which meant that I would need a dinner jacket and other appropriate clothes.

On the first saturday after our arrival in Cork I went to the flea market. There I found A pair of Hobnail Boots, perfect for black shoes. Once we arrived in England we hauled out immediately at Camper & Nicholson’s Yard in Gosport; once the boat was secure, I took the train to London buying a very nice double breasted, double vented blazer, which I still own. After the Channel race we moved “Carina” to Souter’s Yard in Cowes. After racing one afternoon I shopped for a pair of black trousers, so ugly that they were really a one time use. My tie was a piece of ribbon(red, white and blue) that had decorated a bottle of wine that was used to celebrate the 4th of July during the race.
I did attend the Royal London Yacht Club Ball, sharing a table with Sir Alec Rose, who raced “Lively Lady” single-handed a number of times across the atlantic.