A look at the Finn under the water

This is a fascinating article that is really applicable to any dinghy. Most dingy sailors do things because they somehow know it’s right. Because it is faster than the boat next to them; avoiding anything that makes them slower. It is observed and learned. I don’t think anyone sailing asks themselves the technical questions while they are out on the water; many people never trouble their minds with these questions, especially if they are fast, it’s all that matters.

During my college years we would go out and sail against each other for hours at a time, refining each movement in the boat. In today’s world they are doing it better and much sooner. The young kids are so much more sophisticated than we were; in every sport.

On big keel boats one really does have to know that what you are doing is fast, because the results do not manifest themselves quickly. Particularly in a distance race where you might not see another boat. It is the learned behaviors we come to rely on.

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