Expedition Seminar

Last evening, I along with approximately 30 other fellow sailors listened to Peter Isler speak about the routing program Expedition. Developed by Nick White from New Zealand; it is a very powerful easy to use program.
   This event was held at IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) and organized by Custom Offshore  Jonathan and Jeffrey Udell.
  I found it outstanding as Peter explained how he customized the program for his logic, his use.(Peter will be navigating “Ttian” in the Bermuda Race. Looking at his projections, he expects to be at the north wall of the Gulf Stream just as the wind dies (about 18 hours into the race)
  Given that this year there is a meander that flows along the rhumb line straight to Bermuda; we will all be trying to enter this at about the same place. It could get crowded.
 see you on the starting line tomorrow.

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