It has been mentioned before, Paul Larsen who piloted Sailrocket to a new speed record and then participated in the re-enactment of Shackleton’s trek. Going from being the fastest man under sail to the slowest.( 60 knots vs 3 knots)
For me, a recurring theme or thought is the idea of the first person to do something; that first leap of faith if you will. The other thought coupled with this is the context of time.

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  1. As much as i admire the bravery of those who went on this expedtion, the idea that this modern day attempt with a large and well equipt assist vessel, men who definitely have not endured the merest fraction of the deprivation and suffering the original survival feat entailed prior to their sailing in jury rigged James Caird, means the constant refering to this as doing the same as they seems to me to be a rather too easy statement to make, despite their courageous attempt to actually recreate the same conditions. These modern day brave men cannot possibly be said to be in the exact same position as those original miraculous survivors.

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