The A cat class is hosting the world championship at Islamorada, FL. The tropical storm “Sandy” is causing trouble for them.

I was at Cape Canaveral, FL now many years ago, in November 1977, I believe, for a Tornado class championship. We got blown out as well, for part of the regatta. As you can see from the photographs. we could not even launch without genuine risk to the boats.I added a photo of our cold moulded hull construction, which at the time produced the stiffest, lightest boats possible.
I keep a memory of sleeping with the wet sails in a van during a torrential thunderstorm. Everything was wet all the time.


This may be the future of fast sailing. It seems that history is all but overlooking “Paul Ricard” Eric Taberly’s foiling trimaran built in the 1980’s. Materials were not readily available, i.e. carbon fibre, and while the boat performed quite well, setting records she was heavy by today’s standards, having been constructed of aluminum.
I am often repeating myself stating that we should acknowledge those who went first; blazing the path which was then much easier to follow.


IdenticaL 70 foot trimarans about to race from New York to Brest. It is expected to take 7 days. A drag race with navigation.  Racing like this could finish off the Volvo race. It is fraction of the cost. fast simple and easy.

They are here in Newport preparing for the race and will sail to New York for the start. Meanwhile the other multihull circus (America’s Cup World Tour) is opening officially tomorrow.



Osprey Hydrofoil from Adventure Online TV on Vimeo.

I remain ambivalent about the America’s Cup. Cracks are starting to show in the ambitious plans for the event. In terms of general interest in sailing; particularly professional sailing; the event should be held in Europe. Multihulls, again in Europe. I do like to see people exploring the edges of anything. Besides it is a pleasant video.