This is now a few years old; however the content is ever relevant. We find ourselves in a moment in time which none of us ever imagined. This country of ours is so big and diverse. Each of us having a difficult time understanding how we arrived here.

Raised by Wolves

Some years ago I saw a photographic exhibit entitled “Raised by Wolves”. It was one of the most difficult and yet compelling exhibits I have ever seen. It touched a tender spot in the fabric of our society; children living in the streets.

I have long photographed almost everything I see, both good and bad, everyday life. My photos are not as raw as those of Jim Goldberg, but no less real.
One on the sad stories was the young man with the dog, on the sidewalk in front of a MacDonalds in New York City. I, as always, asked permission to photograph him, offering copies, He accepted saying he could send the photos home to his parents.